Hello Judy, Just to let you know that Amando and I have the most wonderful relationship!  We are together almost everyday unless I have
somewhere else to go.  I have three granddaughters, so I try to spend time with my family too!  Everyone always tells me they want to be my horse!!
They see all the love and consideration I show to Amando! It’s difficult to believe that he is seventeen. He is in great shape, although I have to  try to keep him from gaining too much weight!  I have a trainer, licensed from Germany. He’s been my trainer for approx.seven years and loves Amando
very much!  Amando is so intelligent and athletic. He is very happy.  I have him boarded at a wonderful facility that is a forty-five minute drive
from my home each way. I drive there six days a week so you can tell from that what a great place it is!  I can’t say “thank-you” enough for
bringing Amando and me together. He is part of my family and he makes me smile every!  Harry (my husband) sends his regards. He thinks Amando is amazing too!.