Well Done’s success

Hello Judy,

You probably have already read this latest issue of Eurodressage, but in case not, here is an electronic version for you. Needless to say, we are thrilled with Angelika Fromming’s detailed article summarizing the wonderful symposium she and Johann Hinneman conducted at Pinelands Farms in Maine. Well Done and Gwyneth are featured at the top of Angelika’s article. It was an exceptionally wonderful and informative symposium and a great thrill. I think Gwyneth sent you a message recently letting you know of Well Done’s success at Intermetiare 1 here in the US.

Best regards,
Jean Marquand
Read the article: http://www.eurodressage.com/equestrian/2015/10/24/fromming-and-hinnemann-training-scale-theory-and-practise-pineland-farms


Well done!

Hi Judy!

This is Jean Marquand’s Well Done… I’ve been riding him this summer in Intermediaire 1, winning with scores in the high 60s. This is a picture of him 2 weeks ago. He is working some lovely passage. He has a very nice piaffe, and I finally got 15 one tempis with him today!!
I will ride him with Angelika Fromming and Johann Hinneman at Pineland Farms next week… He is a lovely horse!!!!




Email Amy to Judy Amadeus was sold to the USA

Hi Judy! How are you?

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful week at your place. I learned so much from you and couldn’t think of a better way to “catch up” and fast track my riding back to a reasonable standard after having so much time off riding consistently.
Unfortunately I am unable to ride the horse my friend was letting me ride anymore but I am having lessons with this lady I told you about…unfortunately the FEI horse I was supposed to be riding is 23!! And really should be completely retired…I am having a much better time riding her 2 other horses-the whole time I am reminding myself about that right shoulder and contact! … I really feel like my riding has improved so much thanks to you!

There isnt much around the jind of horse i want to buy so have decided ill probably import in the future. in the meantime I thought id let you know that I have been offered a riding job at a barn in Holland..so I may be going there in April or so next year! I will keep you posted as I’d love to come visit while I’m there 🙂

How is Uptodate? I miss him 🙂

Anna x

Aragon / Pikkert

Hi Judy,

Hope your well, and business is good
We have qualified Aragon W in our first competitive dressage, we won The medium freestyle and second in the advanced freestyle Music, he is super boy. We will compete at the regional championships in 2016!!!

Sadly I am now injured due to being kicked by a Stallion, stomach, rib and Head injury, leading me to 3 months no Riding!
Next year we will be looking for a horse, a little quicker behind at PSG level. Still love you grey mare, when I rode her I fell in love.

Attached photos of Pikkert for your news page if u like.

Regards Sarah


Greetings from Finland

Hi Greetings from Finland Dressage Center !
We want to thank you for brought us together with Revolution. He had been super nice and good all the time here in Finland! We have start competing here and finnish judges loved him! I allso love this horse very much. So thank you!!
Katariina Kuokkanen & Revolution