Email send by Aurélie Verhaegen of Belgium

Hello Judy,
I bought Amor from you almost two years ago and although you may remember
he was a little stressed out at first, we have been doing great and he’s
really become my best friend and a great and patient professor.

Hope you’re doing good!
Aurélie .

Freedom / Freddie

Hi Judy,

Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to let you know Freedom, now “Freddie” has settled in beautifully and is absolutley awsome in every way!

It is clear that he was very well started and taken care of, pls let his previous people know. I am riding him in a clinic with Jan Ebeling in May, will let you know how he is doing.

Thanks again,
Andrea Attard


Email from Dave Thind

Thanks ever so much for arranging for us to view so many quality horses on such short notice.  As always, your service was friendly, honest and extremely professional.  Anne-Marie and her mother Synove also enjoyed meeting you and appreciated your help.

Warm regards from Norway,

Dave Thind
Certified ‘Trainer A’, German F.N.

Theodore (Dorento)

Dear Mrs. Judy de Winter

Thank you so much for helping me find Theodore! It was a very hard decision, but you helped me so much, and now that he is home, I know that it was the right decision! He was a little afraid coming off the trailer and it took him a while to get used to the snow, but he has never been any trouble for me . Theodore (Dorento) has been absolutely perfect and always tries his hardest  the whole time  I ride him. I have already learned so much on him and am looking very forward to a new show year on him! He is doing very well in his paddock in the cold weather, although he is more than happy to canter to the gate when I come to get him! He has the most perfect temperament to ride, We have had two “mockings” already (lessons where lots of people come to watch you ride) and he does very well with the sudden increase in people coming in and out with various items, which is a very good sign for show season. Everybody loves him! He is very good around all of the other horses and extremely reliable in the barn! Thank you so much for all your help in finding him, he is definitely the best choice I could have made!

Claire Robinson


Etta email to Judy update Sire Carlos

Hello Judy!

Thank you for selling this nice, clever horse to Emmi!
They are made to each others, everything seems so easy for them.
There was a Danish judge and he said to Maisa that there was only one horse in the competition and the rider of that horse was also from another planet – comparing to other competitors… We were so proud of Emmi and her horse!

many thanks