Dear Judy,

Having some news:
The National Dressage was very successful for us in terms of building of the successful horse/rider match and management brand :

  • Eva and Belle Ennie – 1st place in children category
  • Anicka and Zidane – 1st place in junior rider category
  • Sofie and my mare Lady Chatterlay – 1st place in young riders category
  • Zoolander competing with a senior rider in team category – 1st place in teams

Isn’t that great?

The pictures you can see here are from Zoolander winning senior rider in team category


2 photos of Zoolander winning the senior category team competition with two other colleagues.

Annicka with Zidane 1th place junior category

Eva with belle Ennie 1th place childrens category

Judy de Winter is very proud that so many of our sold horses are doing so well under their new riders and owners and congratulate Eva with her First place with Belle Ennie. We also congratulate Annicka with Zidane and her First place at junior level and Zoolander and his rider with her first place at senior rider.

All these horses were in our stables so please do not hesitate to contact us to find your next super horse!!!