Hi Judy! How are you?

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful week at your place. I learned so much from you and couldn’t think of a better way to “catch up” and fast track my riding back to a reasonable standard after having so much time off riding consistently.
Unfortunately I am unable to ride the horse my friend was letting me ride anymore but I am having lessons with this lady I told you about…unfortunately the FEI horse I was supposed to be riding is 23!! And really should be completely retired…I am having a much better time riding her 2 other horses-the whole time I am reminding myself about that right shoulder and contact! … I really feel like my riding has improved so much thanks to you!

There isnt much around the jind of horse i want to buy so have decided ill probably import in the future. in the meantime I thought id let you know that I have been offered a riding job at a barn in Holland..so I may be going there in April or so next year! I will keep you posted as I’d love to come visit while I’m there 🙂

How is Uptodate? I miss him 🙂

Anna x